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Theresa May - hasn't got a fucking clue what Brexit means.

Our Christmas message to politicians

Dear politicians Whilst we - the great British public - truly appreciate that you've taken the time and trouble to record personal Christmas messages to the nation, you really shouldn't have bothered. … [Continue Reading]

Best of CS

It's Christmas Day and this family are settling down in front of the TV to watch 'The Evil Dead.'

Ten Christmas TV Specials We’d Love To See

Strictly Not Dancing - Ten couples who all have two left feet flatly refuse to dance and prop up the bar despite being cajoled by a panel of judges possibly including Jeremy Clarkson, Holly Willoughby, Donald … [Continue Reading...]

Love Potion Number 9 - It might be beetroot juice...

Triumphs of Marketing – Love Potion Number 9

So there you are with your new date, the lights are low, music is playing softly in the background, you've showered, made sure that your underwear isn't falling apart and any unsightly sprouting pubic hair has … [Continue Reading...]

You forgot the poppy - dickhead!

Where’s your poppy Farage?

It seems that Nigel Farage - the thinking man's patriot - made a monumental cock up as he blagged his way into a meeting with US President-Elect Donald Trump, by forgetting to sport a poppy on remembrance … [Continue Reading...]

Do I look like I'm panicking?


When Donald Trump was asked some time ago whether he'd ever consider entering the political arena, he responded that he had no particular political aspirations, but added that if he had he'd run on a Republican … [Continue Reading...]

The offending toilet, which neighbours described as a shit hole.

Japanese student sucked down creep’s toilet

The mystery disappearance of a female Japanese student has finally been explained by her landlord, who neighbours and fellow tenants described as a 'creep.' 19 year old Sukira Yamamoto, a student from … [Continue Reading...]

Lest we forget - wanted for murder.

Murdering bastard Iain Duncan Smith lies through his teeth about Ken Loach’s ‘I Daniel Blake’ film

The CV doctoring expense, claiming, murdering former Minister for Work and Pensions has said that parts of Ken Loach's film 'I Daniel Blake'  are "simply not true." The film covers the shocking treatment … [Continue Reading...]

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