Welcome to cafespike.com

As you’ve probably noticed, we don’t actually sell hot drinks or snacks; what we do is attempt to brighten up an otherwise mundane day for our readers by attempting to provide something vaguely humorous, or at the very least mildly interesting.

In the hope that you’ll come back and see us sometime.

If you’d like to try writing for us, you’re more than welcome – post entries on the site forum. There are no strict guidelines – just try to be funny and/or interesting, and we’ll have a look.

If you feel the need to contact our admin you can do so via the site forum and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able.

As things stand cafespike.com is a freely available non-profit website which exists purely in order to provide a platform for budding writers – as can be seen by the fact that we don’t carry annoying ads. Or even unannoying ads for that matter.

Which is why we don’t pay. It’s possible that at some point in the future this may change, but not before we’ve discussed it between our contributors and agreed on a form of sharing the wedge. (Should it ever happen.)

Have a look, enjoy, and feel free to give us your feedback. Good or bad. We can take it.

Welcome to CafĂ© Spike – but please don’t take your shoes off.