Brexit voters ARE old racist xenophobic coffin dodging wankers – you read it here first

A Brexit voter pictured possibly giving his ex a hand job in some hospital or other.

A Brexit voter pictured possibly giving his ex a hand job in some hospital or other.

Let’s just take a moment to consider the motivation of Brexit voters, and in so doing two elements stand out above all others; getting rid of foreigners and/or giving the worst British government in history a resounding kick in the testicles. (I’d have preferred the word “bollocks” meself, but it isn’t allowed here.) Anyone who says otherwise is either a liar or the tax avoiding owner of a fake ‘news outlet’ like the Express, the Mail or the Sun.

Or possibly a self aggrandising penis (Or “prick” but apparently that isn’t allowed either.) But we’ll come to that shortly.

Let’s not mess about here. (Or “pissball about” even.) If you voted to “take control” (sort of like the abusive control-freak partner in a one way dominant/submissive relationship) of our borders because you don’t want foreigners in our country, then you’re a (fucking) xenophobic racist. You can’t argue with that statement, no matter how hard you try.

You’re a (fucking) xenophobic racist dinosaur.

If your motivation was to kick that smug (pig-fucking – allegedly) disaster of an old Etonian PM and his coke sniffing (allegedly) chums in the bollocks for the absolute disaster they’ve made of just about everything they’ve ever put their idiotic sausage fingered hands on as a protest vote then you’d have been better employed removing your own reproductive organs with a rusty hacksaw blade, because the only body stopping the Tories from destroying everything that this country holds dear was the EU.

You were sold a pup with distemper, mange, canker, rabies and dodgy hips by snake oil salesmen who don’t give a flying fig biscuit (fuck) about you, your family, your friends, your jobs, your freedom or your liberty. You voted for a more savage establishment than the one you voted against. You voted for a free for all, zero hours contracts, diminishing pensions, a withdrawal of the rights you so “patriotically” ticked the box for.

You’ve killed the NHS by stealth. You’ve voted for globalisation on an unprecedented scale, and you thought the Sport Direct fiasco was bad? You thought Philip Green ripping off BHS pensions was bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

One question I’ve repeatedly asked – which has never been answered – is: “What now?”

Nobody knows. Nobody ever knew.

So you (fucking) idiots voted for a leap into the great unknown, the great dark void.

Boris Johnson – who probably more than anyone else swung the vote for leave – only campaigned for leave in order to further his own political ambition. The evidence is right there before your very eyes. That smarmy creep Farage who claims to be the “people’s champion” pretty quickly ran for the exit door (Or fucked off out of it like a rat off a sinking ship as we’d prefer to say, but can’t for obvious reasons.) He didn’t have a plan at all, no more than Theresa May does – they’re all utterly clueless. Nigel is sucking up to that American anti-establishment guru Donald Trump (Fart) so hard that it’s (frankly, fucking) embarrassing to our nation. Farage is the spoilt brat rejected by the Tories and just about everyone else with half a brain whose only interest is in hitting back at everybody who spurned him, regardless of the cost to the dullards who fell for his spiel.

And the opposition to this madness?

The lefties, the snowflakes, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party…but wait…

There is no opposition.

The SNP are fighting harder for the people than anyone else. That alone speaks volumes.

Are we moaning?

No. We’re saying, get on with it.

Show us your Utopian vision of the future. It’s already looking like an absolute disaster with far reaching ramifications for the whole of Europe, and even mores for us here in Britain.

Are we moaning? No. We aren’t.

In some kind of masochistic way we’re looking forward to watching you (fucking) selfish, misguided, racist, xenophobic old people (cunts) squirming as you freeze to death in the winter cold, in a country isolated from the rest of the world (unless, ironically you include Wahabbist Muslim Saudi Arabia) and we’ve ethnically cleansed our country of just about anybody who is in any way productive and we’ll be able to say – WE TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN.

That’ll be fun.

Martin Shuttlecock.*

* Martin Shuttlecock’s views do not necessarily represent the views of all Cafe Spike contributors, and like anybody else he has to conform to the T&C’s laid down by the site’s custodian, Mrs Shuttlecock, who has told him to tone down the (fucking) swearing.

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