Do I look like I'm panicking?

Do I look like I’m panicking?

When Donald Trump was asked some time ago whether he’d ever consider entering the political arena, he responded that he had no particular political aspirations, but added that if he had he’d run on a Republican ticket, because Republicans are so self absorbed that they’ll swallow any old crap providing you tell them what they want to hear. A statement which in and of itself is quite revealing.

There’s been a marked change in Trump’s demeanour since he was elected President of the USA – notably his White House visit where he met President Obama.

Whereas Obama, a born politician and probably the finest and wittiest orator of the twenty first century looked so comfortable, easy and almost languid as he dealt with a potentially tricky situation, Trump looked decidedly uncomfortable and ill at ease.

Trump epitomised the idea of a man who has reached, and excelled his own level of competence. He’s been elected President but he looks like a guy who is totally out of his depth.

Trump looked like a troubled man, stripped of his braggadocio and left wondering where the hell he goes from here.

Can he really build a wall?

Highly unlikely. The cost alone makes this assertion little more than a pipe dream. We’re predicting that it’ll never happen – and even if it did, it wouldn’t work. The outcome would be more harmful to the USA than to Mexico. And there’s a rat’s chance in a snake pit that the Mexican government would ever agree to it, let alone pay for it.

Can he really control the borders of the USA?

It’s hard to see how he, or anyone else can bolster US border control. America has the most secure borders on earth already. The reality is that there will always be huge numbers of people who will buck the system and gain entry to the country. The vast majority of such will scrape a living in America. Some will be criminals, yet having said that there are already plenty of criminals in America, both home grown and imported. Trump is well aware that the best result he could attain in border control effectively means very little change from the current system. So is the astronomical cost of a wall worth it? And how would he pay for it? It’s a stupid idea spouted off the top of his head in order to appease the extreme right that is unworkable.

Can he cut taxes for everyone?

He probably could, but then the deficit would spiral out of control and he’d have zero funds to pay for his dingbat ideas.

Can he deport 11 million illegal aliens?

It’s that old capitalist right wing dilemma again. How much will it cost, and where will the funding come from? It would take an army of enforcement agents, an army of lawyers, millions of appeals, thousands of detention centres, and it would be stripping thousands of small businesses of a cheap labour resource. Then you have to ask; who would plug the gap? Erm…certainly not aspirational young Americans…

Can he exclude Muslims from visiting the USA?

He can in theory, but it wouldn’t go down too well with the world at large. Given the events of 9/11 it’s understandable that the US has a phobia about Islamic terrorism, but it should be borne in mind that the USA depends on oil – much of which comes from Muslim nations – and that the likes of ISIS/ISIL or whatever you care to call it came about as a result of Western intervention into affairs beyond the comprehension of Western politicians. Hence the migrant crisis and the political madness currently rampant in Europe.

Repealing the Obamacare program?

He can do that, but it will heavily impact on poor Americans, which effectively belies Trump’s claim that the “forgotten” citizens of America will no longer be overlooked. Seems like a strange way of remembering the “forgotten.”

Can he rebuild the infrastructure and bring jobs back to the American rust belt?

In a word: no. For starters, he’d have to massively increase the tax burden across the entire spectrum. And there’s also that slightly worrying thing about a certain Austrian in the 1930’s who promised the same, on the back of a racial hate campaign which didn’t really work out too well for anybody.

So don’t panic.

Trump’s campaign was filled with bluster, bravado, and pandering to the disenfranchised. He’s promised things he knows he’ll never be able to deliver. For all his racist, sexist, bullyboy rhetoric he must be a worried man right now.

When he doesn’t deliver the wall, the tax cuts, the Muslim ban, the deportations, the border control – he’s going to have to answer to the people who voted for his hateful policies.

Who wants to be a billionaire?

Martin Shuttlecock

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