Fake News Websites aren’t doing the damage – it’s the ‘real’ ones

Express reporter about to sharpen his quill pen.

Express reporter about to sharpen his quill pen.

The proposal that fake news websites should be shut down, or shut out by social media outlets because they may or may not have exerted an undue influence over real life political issues and voting outcomes, one can’t help but wonder what goes on in the befuddled heads of our so-called leaders.

It’s all a big joke, right? All one big elaborate piss-take.

Where exactly does one draw the line between “genuine” news reporting, satire, outright mockery and blatant lying?

In a week where it was “suggested” that Donald Trump is in fact an adopted Pakistani orphan (which we kind of liked) by a fake news website, the Daily Express website abounded with exceptionally shitty clickbait articles which people were presumably meant to take seriously.

They reported that the reality TV show ‘I’m A Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here!” had been pulled after only two instalments, which was complete and utter bollocks. It had been put on hold for one night only to make way for a football international. They also ran a “story” about Angela Merkel giving secret “Illuminati” hand signals and the Mars Rover not being on Mars at all but being on a Canadian Island.

And that’s not even counting the number of anti-migrant, anti-Islamic, anti-European, pro-UKIP, pro-Trump right wing fuckwittery that the Express regularly wallows in.

The Mail has that paragon of self-righteous virtue Katie Hopkins regularly flushing her bigoted bowels out all over its decidedly dodgy content pages, and as for the Sun…everyone remembers what those arseholes did to the miners, their decades of lies about the Hillsborough disaster.

So who exactly is doing the misleading here?

That’s a pointed question, because according to these standards George Orwell would have been banned whilst anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda would have been considered acceptable.

I’d write an angry post about it on the Express website comments section had I not been banned for telling their moderator to stick his shitty website up his arse.

My great grandad didn’t fight in two world wars so that…etc…etc…etc…

What a load of old bollocks.

Martin Shuttlecock (Swearing for England since 1827)

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