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    Café Spike

    We don’t do acronym ‘games.’ Try – but not here. We don’t do that stuff. We don’t like it. We aren’t keen on really bad puns either. Quite frankly the spam is more entertaining.



    Judging from the site, I am guessing this is UK-based and from there, the word ‘Spam’ tweaks a spark of curiosity.

    If I may…

    Here in the states, we often hear that Brits are particularly fond of Spam; the product. On more than one occasion, we’ve seen stories (news TV, etc.) that McDonald’s and other food franchises actually serve Spam-based sandwiches, particularly for breakfast.

    I learned to like Spam growing up from parents that lived the Great Depression and WW2 years but… the generations that have followed, here at least, seem to be more into creating a kind of redneck-steak out of it. To be honest, the recipes for this I have seen are fairly deappetizing, lol.

    Anyway… if this ends comment ends up somewhere on the other side of the pond, the question is… is Spam really that popular there?

    Thanks 🙂

    Alabama, USA


    Café Spike

    Not really Mike. The Monty Python team sang a song about Spam, there was a stage musical called Spamalot, and more recently spam refers to unsolicited emails, usually trying to flog tat. People still eat it though. Apparently kids love spam fritters – fried spam in batter.


    Sidney Bollocks


    Spam fritters were a staple food during my years at boarding school. Their flavour and nutritional value were enhanced by deep frying them in lard.

    On a recent trip to the US, I was delighted to find Spam was available in numerous varieties. These included Chorizo, Teriyaki, Jalapeno, Hawaii, Garlic, BBQ, Bacon and Hot & Spicy, to name but a few.

    A single visit to a Walmart store allowed me to purchase all of my meals for our three week trip, for the paltry sum of $9.57.

    Why, may I ask, does the US government not issue Spam vouchers to the poor people who are paid only the minimum wage? Why also does the UN world food aid programme continue to provide third world countries with large sacks of flour and rice, when a tin of Spam is obviously so much tastier?

    Yours faithfully

    Sidney Bollocks (Mr)


    Café Spike

    Don’t get me wrong Sid – I’m all in favour of Spam (Although the only time I’ve actually bought it in the last thirty years was for a photograph of the tin.) Thing is that when you get spammed to bits it’s quite frankly a pain in the arse deleting it all. Although I must admit that when we posted an article saying we didn’t need Spam it got spammed.

    Wanna buy some sunglasses or a handbag for her indoors?

    PS – How’s the pooch coping after you sadistically had his gonads sheared off? Are you getting that mournful look off him yet?


    The Management.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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