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    Café Spike

    We just got this via email:

    Dear Café Spike

    Re: The Mona Lisa (Famous Faces Revisited)

    Is this actually true? I’m assuming it must be because I saw it on the internet. Thanks for being so informative – although as a practising Roman Catholic I find it offensive to suggest that the Vatican at some point entertained an unhealthy interest in pornography.

    However it comes as a relief to me to learn that Leonardo and Michelangelo shared equally squalid garret accommodation, albeit on opposite sides of the street. So to speak.

    I’d be interested to know where Raphael was whilst all this was going on? My guess is that he was probably out on the piss with the Borgias but I can’t confirm that.

    In closing – that Colonel Juan chap who allegedly penned the piece; is he the same one who used to be a night shift security guard in Acton? If that’s the case, I might know him.

    Thanks for the historical insight.

    Arnold Parminter


    PS – Ooh Arrrr – before some other clever dick gets it in.



    I believe that at the same time in a room across the way Titian was mixing Rose Madder whilst his model was posed on a ladder. The position to Titian suggested coition, so he climbed up the ladder and had her. Could his model have been the very same one mentioned with a voice like volcanic ash?


    Sidney Bollocks


    Why would anybody wish to revisit Mona Lisa’s face? In my humble opinion, she had a face like a smacked arse. I thought Les Dawson was far more attractive.

    Yours faithfully

    Sidney Bollocks (Mr)


    Café Spike

    In response to both questions: I don’t know. I just thought it was a bollocking good yarn.

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