Government’s Illegal Immigrant Deterrent Backfires

The Eyes Don't Have it...

The Eyes Don’t Have it…

The Government’s value for money ‘We’re Watching You’ initiative to halt illegal immigration to the UK has been ‘counter-productive’, with more illegals than ever pouring into the UK, says a damning report.

The news is a double-whammy for Home Secretary Theresa May following the High-court ruling not to extradite Abu Qatada to Jordan.

In a bid to introduce low-cost deterrents by the Border Force Agency, large posters of a staring pair of eyes with the words ‘We’re Watching You’ and ‘We Know Where You Should Live’ printed in various East-European, African and Indian sub-continent languages have saturated every point of UK entry over the last six months.

Under a PFI initiative, the campaign posters were put out to private company tender and devised by winning bidder G4Saatchi, the advertising agency behind the Conservative 1997 Election Tony Blair ‘Demon Eyes’ Campaign

The concept was inspired by a 2010 study which showed diners in a canteen were more likely to clear away their tray when there were eyes watching them and that bike racks which had eyes placed above them experienced 62% fewer thefts than the previous year, while those without eyes saw thefts increase by 63%.

Unfortunately, the Big Brother-esque photo of giant staring eyes chosen for the campaign were those of a sufferer from the eye condition exotropia strabismus, commonly referred to as ‘wall-eyes’.

Reacting to the critical report, a spokesman for G4Saatchi said: “It’s a small oversight. We tested the poster on hard-line recalcitrant offender, Abu Qatada, and he reacted positively. Turns out he thought it was Abu Hamza al-Masri, who was finally extradited to the US last year.”

The report says the posters positively encouraged illegal immigration as ‘they give the impression of Border Control inefficiency’, with many respondents likening the Border Force Agency to ‘Keystone Cops’ and ‘Marty Feldmans’.

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said: “It’s a typical Coalition compromise. Instead of focussing on the problem they’re trying to look in two directions at once – ending up with a complete balls-up.”

Pic& Story: @BS

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