Murdering bastard Iain Duncan Smith lies through his teeth about Ken Loach’s ‘I Daniel Blake’ film

Lest we forget - wanted for murder.

Lest we forget – wanted for murder.

The CV doctoring expense, claiming, murdering former Minister for Work and Pensions has said that parts of Ken Loach’s film ‘I Daniel Blake’  are “simply not true.”

The film covers the shocking treatment meted out by the DWP under IDS’s regime to a carpenter and heart attack survivor, Daniel Blake. IDS counters that job centre staff are there to help people and claims that the film depicts them in a bad light.

You’re talking bollocks Mr Smith. And furthermore you were well aware that the policy imposed by your department upon benefit claimants – particularly the sick and disabled – were deliberately contrived in order to humiliate and diminish the sick. You were well aware of the devastating effect you had on the lives of tens of thousands of sick people; and if that isn’t the case then why did you try to hide the statistics of people who were sanctioned and subsequently died, either by circumstance or desperation by suicide?

And you resigned on a point of humanitarian principle?

Don’t make me fucking laugh you sick privileged fuckwit.

You were directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people, as surely as if you had held a loaded pistol to their heads and pulled the trigger.

I am Daniel Blake and your day of reckoning is long overdue.

In simple terms – you are a murderer.

Martin Shuttlecock

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