Theresa May addicted to lemon-sucking claims quack doctor

Is this possible? Could Theresa May’s continuously gurning visage be a side effect of uncontrolled lemon sucking or is it just a load of old nonsense? We contacted the quack doctor who made the outrageous claim and this is what he told us: [Read more…]


Robin Williams, Death And Suicide

Robin As Popeye

Robin As Popeye

*Editor’s note – By this point in time everybody in the world who is even remotely interested will be aware that Robin Williams died by his own tormented hand yesterday, (11/08/14) seemingly following a lifelong battle with addiction and depression. As a magazine editor this poses a dilemma: To cover the story, or not to cover the story? Of course the pranksters and the purveyors of terrible puns pop up everywhere – whilst some people, specifically British stand-up comedians John Bishop and Jason Manford, along with adopted a more sympathetic approach. I’d virtually decided that enough has already been said on the subject – from the crass to the heartbroken, all the way through to those people who feel anger towards suicide victims. I thought just about everything had been covered, and then I got this from our very own Frankie Jordan, a man who has looked demons and death in the face more times than any man should ever have to. This is what Frank wrote:*

I have a story to tell

© Frank E. Jordan 2014

Robin Williams is dead. We all know that and most of us grieve for him, not because we knew him, but because we thought we knew him and we loved or hated his performance art. I grieve for him because he lost his battle with whatever demons chased him and finally killed him. I grieve because those same demons chase me every day and have since 1973. Several times I’ve eaten enough medicine to kill a full-grown buffalo and why I’m still alive and Williams is dead is because he hanged himself.

Over a month ago I came in from taking photographs. It was a lovely day. I felt bad but couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. I was perspiring but cold and I just wanted to go bed for a while. I told my wife Caroline that I felt really bad and that if I didn’t feel better soon she’d better take me to the hospital.

Well I didn’t feel better and she took me to the ER where I went into respiratory arrest; I stopped breathing. I felt as if I was strangling. An army of medical people came into the room and tried, unsuccessfully, to get an IV going. The last thing I remember was calling for Caroline. And a respirator choking me even more. And then I went unconscious.

He Was Also A Hugely Gifted Serious Actor

He Was Also A Hugely Gifted Serious Actor

Let me tell you this: there were no angels, no bright lights; my mother and father didn’t come to greet me. Satan made no appearance. I was where dead people go; dead for all purposes and yet my mind kept going. I was choking. I was terrified. There was no peace, nothing but shit-scared me in a black tomb. But the demons; they came. And it went on and on until they sedated me. No one sedated Williams. Only the demons came to applaud his final performance.

That is what Robin Williams felt in his last moment of consciousness, pain, unbearable, unrelenting pain and fear. His limbs jerked and he lost the ability to move. No one knows how long it took Williams to lose consciousness. We do know how long it took John Brown to die on the gallows at Charles Town, 20 minutes. His body jerked for about 12 minutes according to Stonewall Jackson, who wrote in his journal that he “admired him for dying like a man.” I think Ole Bluelight probably admired the way he walked up to the scaffold ramrod straight and apparently unafraid of the death that awaited him.

Robin Williams killed himself but God only knows whether or not he faced death like a man.

I do not know why he hanged himself. He had to know that there would be terrible agony. Maybe he thought he deserved that pain, who knows? But I know what it is to strangle and believe me; I advise avoiding it at all costs.

So far as suicide goes, you kill more than yourself, and a piece of paper saying “I’m sorry,” is a coward’s good bye. If you feel like hurting yourself there are people just a phone call away that know how to help you beat back the demons. Otherwise, you die and the demons win. The demons don’t deserve to win and there is no light in the darkness as yours goes out.

For God’s sake don’t follow Robin Williams into whatever hell he descended to (I don’t believe in that hell, I do believe in the hell of strangling to death). But it’s your choice: the demons are waiting.