Euro Debate – Café Spike Forms Breakaway ‘Vote Leave’ Group

Save our fish and chips! Subscribe to FOE NOW!

Save our fish and chips! Subscribe to FOE NOW!

The new group, known as FOE (F*ck Off Europe) is the brainchild of Café Spike reporter Paddy Berzinski, in response to the fragmented Brexit movement.

“It’s all a bit messy at the moment,” Berzinski said. “There are too many opposing factions supporting the Brexit, so my idea is to unify the movement. The average British xenophobe must feel like they’re being hit about the head with a cricket bat as they try to absorb the sheer number of opposing groups who all essentially want the same thing.

“Our aim at FOE is to unite all the different groups who want to leave the EU. FOE membership only costs £250 and for that you’ll get a badge, a newsletter, a window poster and a unified Brexit movement, so it’s really good value for money when you think about it.

“We’re basing our leave campaign on the motto: What has Europe ever done for us?

“The whole concept of European union is patently ridiculous. We pay all that money in and yet they don’t even send us some half decent weather in return. They just make up daft rules about bent bananas fair pay and reasonable working hours. And don’t even get me started on their stupid safety legislation. If I want to buy cheap electrical goods that might burst into flames at any moment that should be my choice. I don’t need some stupid European bureaucrat who wouldn’t know how to wire a plug up telling me what to do.”

*To join FOE, simply send us £250 in used banknotes. It’s not often you get the chance to take your country back, regain control of your borders and kick out all the foreigners for a paltry £250.

**Join now before we bump the fees up.

FOE – the voice of indigenous Britain.