Macho man Trump does a runner in Reno after gun threat

I'll put my hands up! Just don't shoot!

I’ll put my hands up! Just don’t shoot!

Oh Donald…in a scene reminiscent of Stephen King’s novel, The Dead Zone, you ducked and ran for cover when security identified an armed threat.

Oh dear.

We thought you liked guns…

We thought you were a tough guy…

We thought you’d protect us…

There you go.


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Win A Luxury Cotswolds Weekend For Two On Cafe Spike

You Won't Be Staying Here - But You Can Visit

You Won’t Be Staying Here – But You Can Visit

That’s right – we’ve negotiated with the owners of The Old Red House Hotel near Gloucester, and in return for a bit of free publicity they’ve offered a double room for two nights to the first lucky Café Spike reader who answers our compo question correctly. And we’ll be chucking in – as a Spiketastic bonus – a bottle of table wine from Aldi.

About The Old Red House Hotel – Quite frankly it could do with a bit of TLC as they tend to say on these property bashing daytime TV shows, but in fairness it does have ample parking facilities and the recommended hotel bar – in a Grade II Listed Building is located at a completely different hotel, the Chateau Impney at Droitwich Spa, which is only about an hour up the M5 in a really fast car. The Chateau Impney also hosts a fine restaurant, splendid landscaped gardens, and it isn’t really all that far away.

The Old Red House Hotel - Where Oliver Cromwell And Sir Edward Elgar Probably Once Stayed

The Old Red House Hotel – Where Oliver Cromwell And Sir Edward Elgar Probably Once Stayed

For nature lovers, hikers, and those who love scenic views, the Air Balloon pub at Birdlip is only about a half hour drive away – it’s a lovely pub with friendly staff and they do a lot for the MacMillan cancer charity – including a neat trick involving floating a coin atop a floating lemon. It has a lovely beer garden out the back – so if it isn’t pissing down you can go outside and enjoy a spectacular view, unless it’s summer and the trees are in full foliage, in which case you’ll just see billions of leaves. But it’s worth the trip. When our researcher visited they even had a tame bumble bee who was quite happy to sit on your coat and pose for photographs.

So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do to win a two night weekend break for two at the Old Red House Hotel near Gloucester is to pick the correct answer to the following question: was founded in 2013 – but everybody knows that. People are probably also aware that our office tends to be a tad chaotic, so here’s the question;

What’s the most disgusting item on the office desk/coffee table right now?

a) A mountain of cigarette ash which has formed independently of the office ash tray and roughly resembles a scale model of the upper reaches of K2

b) Half a bacon and egg sandwich which has been there since this morning?

c) Something unidentifiable in the bottom of a coffee cup?

Send us your entries now!

And we’ll announce a winner once we’ve tidied up.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions have no meaning whatsoever in our competitions as we accept no responsibility for anything. Especially UKIP.


Welcome To The New Look Cafe Spike Dot Com Thingy

Aaaarrrgh! Now What?

Aaaarrrgh! Now What?

Regular visitors to will probably have noticed that we look a little bit different these days – compared to a short while ago, but don’t panic. (Yes we knew you weren’t really panicking, but we thought we’d put that bit in because it sounded good, even if it is far removed from the truth.) We’re still the same old bunch of ne’er do wells that we always have been. Or at least some of us are. We aren’t altogether sure what happened to the rest, but we wish them well in their endeavours anyway. [Read more…]