9/11 – 15 Years On – Enough Of The Conspiracy Theory Crap

Sadly it wasn't a movie.

Sadly it wasn’t a movie.

If you happen to be one of those people who insist that the terrible events of 09/11/01 were some kind of New World Order conspiracy, and subscribe to the insanity that suggests that the entire series of events was somehow staged by the US government, then you really need to wake up, get a grip and keep your stupid shit to yourself.

With just about every conceivable conspiracy theory surrounding 9/11 having been long ago thoroughly debunked, just hold your hands up, take it on the fucking chin and admit that you got it all horribly wrong.

Your sick theories not only get dumber and stupider – they get increasingly offensive.

Four planes were hijacked, two hit the twin towers, one hit The Pentagon and the fourth was brought down in a field in Pennsylvania after courageous passengers fought the terrorists. Sadly we all know the rest.

So stick your idiotic theories about controlled demolition, Building 7, Thermite, Muslims taking that day off, the insane idea that the planes and those poor people weren’t even real, just some sort of movie SFX up your arses and show some fucking respect.

A lot of people died that day and many are dying today as the toxic dust takes its tragic toll on countless survivors.

So, just shut the fuck up.


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A Furious EXPRESS reader pictured this morning.

A Furious EXPRESS reader pictured this morning.

Because apparently some bloke from Hartlepool says so and he can prove it because he’s done a study. Which sort of suggests that aliens have a keen interest in the North East region of England. Which is a bit strange really once you get to thinking about it.

If aliens are so interested in the North East, then surely they’d get a far greater insight into the local culture, customs and sense of humour by simply logging on to the Viz Comic online.

It’s a fucking site more economical than building expensive spaceships and travelling for thousands of light years to a distant galaxy only to hover about in the sky at night. I mean, if they’re lucky they might catch the Fat Slags getting a seeing to up against a skip in the Dog And Hammer car park, but they’ll see fuck all else, because most normal people will be in bed.

Adopting the same journalistic criteria I can PROVE that the DAILY EXPRESS is crap and that it prints a non-stop torrent of absolute bollocks because I’ve done a study too.

Have some of that then DAILY EXPRESS you xenophobic fascist bastard scaremongering fuckwits.

Martin Shuttlecock.