Macho man Trump does a runner in Reno after gun threat

I'll put my hands up! Just don't shoot!

I’ll put my hands up! Just don’t shoot!

Oh Donald…in a scene reminiscent of Stephen King’s novel, The Dead Zone, you ducked and ran for cover when security identified an armed threat.

Oh dear.

We thought you liked guns…

We thought you were a tough guy…

We thought you’d protect us…

There you go.


Cafe Spike


Black people warned – NEVER put your hands up

A black woman, who'll probably get shot soon for having a broken tail light or something equally trivial.

A black woman, who’ll probably get shot soon for having a broken tail light or something equally trivial.

Prominent British academic, Professor Ken Mist of Titchfield University has advised all black people that under no circumstances should they ever raise their hands, because the likelihood is that should they do so they’ll probably be shot dead.

“There have been countless fatal shootings by law enforcement officers in the United States recently, involving black men, who when challenged by officers raised their hands to show compliance, and that they were unarmed,” he said. “And the problem with doing this is that to a police officer in contemporary America raised hands and compliance appears to be interpreted as an act of aggression – so they shoot first and ask questions later.

“Equally as dangerous – according to statistics – is lying on the ground twitching insensibly and helpless after being tasered. They’ll shoot you as sure as eggs is eggs. Nobody really understands why cops misinterpret these simple signals as acts of aggression likely to endanger police lives, but they do it all the time.

“There are dozens of video clips out there of people being shot for no apparent reason, people posing no obvious threat whatsoever. Maybe it’s the training, or the cops don’t understand the difference between reaching for your driving licence and reaching for a gun. Or by putting your hands up and not reaching for something while a bunch of cops keep screaming at you to get on the ground.

“There’s obviously something seriously wrong somewhere, but to be honest I haven’t got a clue how to sort it out. Unless black people in America just taser and shoot themselves to cut out the middle man. Or move somewhere where the cops are a bit less trigger happy.”