Boris Johnson Battered By Nicola Sturgeon In ITV Debate

Hands up all those who think I'm an utter cunt...I'll get me coat...

Hands up all those who think I’m an utter cunt…I’ll get me coat…

Former London Mayor and Prime Ministerial candidate Boris Johnson has been exposed as a self serving Old Etonian wanker by SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. Most people are apparently aware that Boris is an absolute tit, and those who think as much had their thoughts confirmed as the Old Etonian shitbag launched into a personal tirade against the SNP leader – before then accusing the remain side of the panel on ITV’s EU Debate show of the very thing he’d initiated.

Regardless of personal opinion there can be little doubt that Boris Johnson is an entirely self-serving egomaniac who is prepared to stab his best mate in the back in order to get what he wants.

Johnson is certainly no fan of the man in the street or of the NHS – as Nicola Sturgeon pointed out so patiently and eloquently by highlighting Boris’s hostility to workers and women’s rights.

If leave are going to persuade people to go along with them they’re going to need a more effective spokesman than Johnson.

Shouting louder than anyone else and blind bluster isn’t all that convincing.

Would you want to trust this man in number ten?

Because that’s all he’s interested in.

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