The Grand Day Out – Episode One

A Charabanc Pictured Years Ago

A Charabanc Pictured Years Ago

There can’t be many better things to do on a sunny summer day in England than to air out one’s plus fours, polish up the old brogues, trim the moustache, wipe one’s monocle, and take the good lady wife on a traditional charabanc trip for the day.

As Major and Mrs Percy so sportingly describe herein, as they embark upon a charabanc tour, and invite all the lovely readers along to share in, and partake of the exhilerating experience.

“There’s a charabanc stop at the local newsagent’s shop,” Major Percy explained. “The local charabanc company often run a selection of day trips, and they publish a list on a notice board. It’s awfully convenient if one happens not to be the proud owner of a motorised vehicle.” [Read more…]