Lynton Cox’s “What The Dickens?” Part 5.4 – It Ends Here


Until Next Time Folks!

Until Next Time Folks!

Episode 5, Last part! (And thanks so much if you have come this far)

They took off over hills now and valleys, across seas, deserts and forests, through clouds into a sunset and the air became warm and balmy and full of the scent of flowers, and finally they landed on a mountain top overlooking a city of white buildings. There was a large columned building gleaming in the orange sunset. It looked vaguely familiar to Cox. They sat there on the hill in the soft grass among the white rocks. There was silence apart from birds singing.


Said the apparition who sat there next to Cox looking very much human now and as if a weight, if not his muslin bonnet and Confederacy cap, had been removed from him. He looked more like a monk in contemplation now than the original awful apparition and the breeze was blowing the wisps of his greying hair on his lined pink forehead.

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