Iain Duncan Smith – Mwaah ha ha ha ha…

Vlad The Impaler pictured recently at a cannibal barbecue.

Vlad The Impaler pictured recently at a cannibal barbecue.

Those who think Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation from the DWP means he’s gone for good need to think in terms of horror movies where the bad guy – seemingly dead – gets up and continues his reign of terror with even greater ferocity than before. They’re dead but they won’t lie down.

As for resigning on a point of principle – sadistic psychopaths rarely – if ever – have a sudden attack of guilt following a concerted five year rampage, so we aren’t buying that at all. It’s political grandstanding and IDS has clearly thrown his cap in with Boris and the Brexit brigade, instantly transforming from demon to morally upright martyr; at least in the eyes of the terminally stupid and Daily Express readers.

Celebrating IDS’s resignation seems somewhat premature. He’ll be back, more evil than ever, like Michael Myers, Freddie Krueger and the Terminator.

In fact IDS will probably pop out of a Whitechapel alley in the dead of night tonight, wearing a long black cape and a top hat, brandishing a large knife ruthlessly murdering and mutilating innocent passers by.

A chap’s got to keep his hand in, don’t you know.

Martin Shuttlecock