The Tears Of A Clown – Brexit Voter Feels Conned

Hands up all those who think I'm an utter cunt...I'll get me coat...

Hands up all those who think I’m an utter cunt…I’ll get me coat…

A prominent circus clown who voted to leave the EU has admitted that he’s been conned after being spoon-fed gallons of absolute hogwash by the likes of Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove. Benny Bukkake from Essex expressed his utter disgust with prominent Brexiteers on the Big Johnson Show on Radio Rayleigh this morning.

“It’s disappointing,” Bukkake told Big Johnson. “I feel cheated because those bastards did nothing but lie to us all and they never took the trouble to explain the consequences of a Brexit vote. I care deeply about our NHS and when they said they’d spend the £350 million a week that we pay to Brussels to the NHS I actually believed the lying toe-rags.

“Also, and I must stress here that I am in no way a racist – I talk with the grease-ball up the kebab shop whenever I’m in there – I wanted to get shot of all the Muslims, the Pakis, the Polacks and all the other bloody wogs and shut the borders for ever. Now they’re saying that the Brexit won’t affect the migrant situation at all and that’s really fucking pissed me right off.

“And now they’re saying that we’ll still have to pay into the EU to trade, but we won’t have a rebate and we’ll have no influence at all over what the EU decides to do. So the reality is that we’ll be a lot worse off, we’ll go into recession, the pound will nose-dive, we lose our AAA credit rating, hundreds of thousands of jobs will go to the wall, Boris Bastard Johnson will become the PM…it’s all gone tits up really.

“And as for my annual all inclusive holiday in Benidorm I can kiss that fucker goodbye. I only wanted to put the ‘Great’ back in Great Britain, kick all the foreigners out and machine-gun all the fucking migrants and now it’s looking like I’ll be struggling to afford a loaf of bread.

“Thanks Nigel. Thanks Boris. You fucking lying wank stains.”

At which point Bukkake flew into a furious rage and hit Big Johnson over the head with a flower vase before being restrained by Radio Rayleigh security men.

One of which he called a “black bastard.”

We’re anticipating turbulent times ahead.

More as we get it.

Paddy Berzinski.

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